Artist’s Statement

Milton Avery said, “Why speak when you can paint?”

Painting is my preferred method of communication. As I amass more contextual clues, I feel close to uncovering the mystery of abstraction or representation. I often listen to music that has various tempos, changing textures and dynamics. Music redirects and inspires my train of thought and prompts me to keep working all over the canvas- to keep a sense of spontaneity and life. Many times when paintings are not working I sand them down and start over. I have painted over many canvasses that are sitting in my studio- deconstructing and reconstructing images. (I am continually surprised.)

“There are many accidents that are nothing but accidents- and forget it. But there are some that were brought about only because you are the person you are…you have the wherewithal, intelligence, and the energy to recognize it and do something with it.“ (Helen Frankenthaler)

I look for shapes in nature that hold my attention as an artist and spectator. Finding beauty, places of quiet and uncovering “moments of mystery” are aspects that keep me returning to my work. Additionally, the correlations in music, poetry, and art come to mind as I work- rhythm, improvisation, shape, and line. I enjoy the works of many artists including Van Gogh, Agnes Martin and Nicholas de Stael. My unspoken words are on the wall. Time to move on.